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Friday, January 1, 2010

4)[NATURE SPECIAL] Drive: Global Waming= ?

u guys hve herd a lot of de global warming n now as winter is on it feels nice 2 sleep till 10.00 in de mornin or so n u ppl still ignore dis n jst not find it SCARY ENOUGH
So v hve cum with a good design process to replace GlobalWarming with a new term

so v started with Babel fish

v put
1)"Global Warming" n decided 2 change it from "English to dutch" which means "Het globale Verwarmen"
2)from "dutch to chinese" into "全球变暖"
then from
3)"chinese to portugese" into "Aquecer-se Global"
then from
4)"portugese to pig Latin" into "Aquecer-se ucked-fay"
and then finally back into english i.e
5)"pig Latin to english" which says "We're Totally Fucked"

in short summary
Global Warming->Het globale Verwarmen->全球变暖->Aquecer-se Global->Aquecer-se ucked-fay->We're Totally Fucked

3)New LauChiee.. [NATURE SPECIAL] Drive

v ppl got n had a lot of brain stroming for this one 2gether n decided as v guys talk abt technology v never speak of nature so from dis year v hve launched our [NATURE SPECIAL]Drive hope v can educate de educate on topics related to nature

2)Goin GloBaLl..!

dis time we will b featuring jst random topics from any field whatsoever we want n how we want
this will include some
*Tap secrets*SSsshhh......
*copying content from other's*heheheheheheee....
*if v get bored v will not publish 4 a week or a month Our Blog our will(v hve bcum free birds)*
and atlast v will discuss the
*L1 po!Nts


Ahh...haa wishin u all ppl a delated merry Xmas ,,complements of the season whatsoever and a happeee new year

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Monday, November 30, 2009

13) Post Vaccant {Torrent world}

Now dat mininova has gone de Q on everee one's mind is dat now which site 2 go for???? well der r plenty of sites but v guys here r also figuring out which 2 go for if u ppl hve aneee den do let us know


dis month ending mininova took out all de torrents as they had no other choice.....
A legendry araa..... has cum 2 an end....
v will misss u mininova

Monday, November 16, 2009

12)Wer can i get softwares [reliable site]

many of de times if v need a software v often search it on net . Chances r dat v can b tricked 2 download a malicious code.
If u ppl want software setups try http://www.filehippo.com
on filehippo if u ppl dont like de latest version after u installed it on ur machine u can download de old versions also
screenshots n details r provided regardin de software

de oter sit is CNET here also u can get de software ratins r provided 4 de software



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